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Those who are looking to create their perfect back yard need someone to help with the creative direction...


As a native Texan, I love the opportunity to help people find the perfect back yard for cooling off during these hot summers while achieving a unique look beyond the traditional "Texas Style" pool that we have seen over the years.

Something that fits the neighborhoods in the DFW area but steps into a more modern out door living environment.

I enjoy turning the back yard into an extension of the home. 

​Bringing the inside style of the home outside to create a natural flow from indoor living to outdoor living.

My goal is to listen to what is truly important to my client and offer unique ideas and an out of the box design that captures their vision in ways that a new pool owner might not know are possible. This process includes incorporating the aesthetic of the home with the homeowners’ style to create a natural flow where the space becomes a true extension of the home. My hope is ultimately to build the right pool with the best finished look possible so that we create a dream back yard for my clients.


Designer at Southernwind Pools


2016 A&A bronze award
2017 APSP regional silver design award
2017 APSP international bronze design award
2017 A&A platinum award
2018 APSP regional bronze design award
2018 APSP regional award of merit

2018 APSP international bronze design award

2018 A&A gold award

2019 APSP regional bronze design award

2019 APSP regional silver design award

2019 APSP regional silver design award

2019 PHTA international bronze design award

2019 A&A bronze award

2021 PHTA regional silver design award

2021 PHTA international silver design award

2021 PHTA international silver design award




Sitting down in your home will tell me quite a lot about the style and finishes you enjoy. This gives me some ideas of what direction of style we might go. But mostly we want to sit down face to face to allow me to listen and discuss any and all ideas of the project we are looking for. 


We will have a second meeting where we will review a design inside a 3D software that allows us to review the details of the project.

This is helpful to envision what the final look will be and the details of the entire back yard.

Also this will allow us to work together on any edits to the project in real time to allow a smooth review and edit process.


Once we are ready to move forward with the project I will continue to be a part of your build process. Many people have concerns during the construction of not being sure what to look for. I will help make sure the details are coming together as planned, sometimes finding and have corrected things that my clients would not have noticed. 

My purpose to stay involved after the design process is to communicate with the project managers and scheduler, to be a voice for my clients to ensure as smooth a build for my clients as possible.